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Guangzhou Yakeda Outdoor Travel Products Co., Ltd.,established in 2006,is a professional manufacturer and exporter that focus on the development and production of military ,tactical, and outdoor travel products..In 2018,Yakeda Myanmar Co.,Ltd.,was established to supply the growing demand of orders, especially from European and US companies. Now with over 2000 employees,105 production lines and 16 years experience, we have all kinds of machines and raw materials available for different custom requirements. About 80% of our sales currently come from ODM&OEM orders."Quality First and Customer First" is our business philosophy. After years of efforts and development,YAKED has gained a global sales network throughout the Middle East,Europe,USA etc.We sincerely look forward to your visit and cooperation!​

16 years 
R&D Experience
Factory Area
Annual Output Value
45 Days 
Bulk Order Delivery
Monthly Production
7 Day 
Sample Delivery
This is a fantastic weight vest in my opinion. I use it for Airsoft with 5lb weight plates in it and it has held up very well for several very activities days of play. First to be clear because there are some confusing reviews, this is for the YAKEDA quick release vest with no side mag pouches. The vest dose have metal buckles on the shoulders. The vest also dose come with a Molle front peace to replace the mag pouches if you want, very nice!
I'm a larger person and would say the vest is great because it has retention straps in the plate carrier so you can run different sized plates and padding or hydration. What quick release system functions amazing well.
This is a great entry level vest I guess, what do I know? The plate carrier sections are great with straps to internally support the weight of the plates you choose. But theres only one entrance and one exit of this vest and it kinda sucks. I'm no military operator but it seems to me there should be a better way to put this on and take it off. Also I'm slim 6'3" 180 lbs and this fits snug with no waist adjustment. It holds9- 5.56 30 round mags or 7-30 round mags plus 4- 31 round Glock mags with 4- 16 round mags in front.

David Casiday
Received product as promised and on schedule. Found the tactical vest to be of expected good quality, flexible for multifunctional use, was very adjustable to fit most adult sizes. I'm an average size male ad the adjustments need were on the lower end of the scale so would imagine it can easily fit a much larger individual. Appears to be well made, and has lots of available pockets for your equipment and accessories. As yet I haven't had a chance to load it up and try it out, but from appearance I think its durability will wear well and meet my needs, at a good price. Would rate this as meeting my expectations at good value for the cost.



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Our products support customization, which can be customized in terms of color, design, etc. If you need, you can leave contact information below, or go directly to the online design page to fill in the relevant information​

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